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About Crash Data Specialists LLC

Meet Our Instructors

Brad Muir

Brad brings 30 years of police experience, the last 21 as a Collision Reconstructionist, with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Ontario, Canada. Brad has extensive experience in passenger vehicle Event Data Recorders (EDR’s) and has been using this information in his cases since 1997. Brad has been a CDR user since its introduction in early 2000.


Brad facilitated one of the earliest series of CDR validation crash tests in August 2000 in Ontario, and has been involved in over 200 such tests. Many of these tests were with Collision Safety Institute at conferences hosted by major crash investigation groups, and at the ARC-CSI conference until joining Crash Data Specialists in February 2011.


Brad has been a CDR trainer since 2003 originally with CSI as one of two Analyst trainers. With Crash Data Specialists Brad instructs both the Operators as well as the  Analysis and Applications course and the CDR Update courses. Brad also co-instructs the Advanced Reconstruction with CDR Applications with Greg Russell.

Brad was the developer of a fully robotic full-size vehicle control system for use in crash testing. Brad has extensive experience in instrumenting, documenting and conducting full scale motor vehicle crash tests. His current project involves refining a cable-tow delivery system that works in conjunction with the robotic remote drive system.

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Jon Northrup

Jon Northrup is a consulting Reconstructionist who retired from the Rochester NY Police Department after 27 years of service. During his time with the department he served as a Police evidence technician for 7 years and as the departments Principal Reconstructionist for nearly 14 Years.  During this time he responded to the scene of a thousand fatal and serious physical injury motor vehicle collisions and was solely responsible for the technical investigation and reconstruction of over 500 of these collisions over the past 18 years.


By applying his skill in the area of forensic mapping he has created over 2,800 accident and crime scene diagrams. Along with his extensive mapping experience he is also a Dealer and Certified Trainer for MicroSurvey Software Inc. of Westbank, BC.


Jon also works extensively with crash testing at crash training and reconstruction conferences. This crash testing and other work he has been involved in has been featured on The History Channel, National Geographic Television, The Discovery Health Network and in Car and Driver and Collision Magazines. His ongoing work continues to advance the cutting edge of technical accident investigation and collision reconstruction methods and practice while also assisting the equipment and automakers to better understand how their in-vehicle data recorders can assist both Reconstructionists and the legal system in an improved understanding of what happens in real world vehicle crashes.


Greg Russell

Greg Russell is a graduate from the University of Baltimore with a Bachelor¹s of Science Degree Criminal Justice (1990) and Master¹s Degree inLegal and Ethical Studies (1994). He has additional college training in mathematics.


Mr. Russell has over 25 years of law enforcement experience with over 20 years of experience in the field of collision investigation. In addition to his law enforcement experience he has been employed by an Engineering firm in Annapolis, Maryland as their Collision Reconstructionistfor the past 10 years and a firm in Jessup, Maryland for the past 2 years.


Mr. Russell received his crash investigation and reconstruction training from the Institute of Police Technology and Management, University of North Florida; Texas A&M, Engineering Extension; and the Collision Safety Institute.


A partial list of crash investigation courses he has completed include: Advanced Accident Investigation; Accident Reconstruction; Advanced Accident Reconstruction; Applied Physics for Accident Investigation; Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident Reconstruction; Bus Accident Reconstruction; Occupant Kinematics & Biomechanics; Pedestrian & Bicycle Reconstruction Investigation; CDR (Crash Data Retrieval) Certification Course and Crush Energy Analysis. Mr. Russell had been a certified Department of Transportation Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Inspector and has completed the Federal Motor Carrier Inspector¹s Course; Hazardous Materials Inspector¹s Course and Bulk Cargo Container Inspectors Course.


As a collision reconstruction consultant, Mr. Russell has been recognized in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania judicial systemsas an expert in the field of accident investigation. He has taught all three levels of crash investigation, crush energy analysis, pedestrian accident investigation, advanced accident investigation, and currently is the only person in the country offering a course in the use of Excel in accident investigation. Mr. Russell has developed a program for calculating vehicle speeds in pedestrian collisions and has written an equation book for collision investigation, both of which are currently published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company.


Additionally, he has developed numerous other Excel programs for use in collision investigation and numerous accident investigation programs for the iPhone/iPad. Mr. Russell has been featured as a guest speaker at several accidenti nvestigation professional conferences throughout the country and Canadal lecturing on the application of Excel in accident investigation, pedestrian collisions, the use of delta v and pdof in collision investigation, crush analysis and interpreting data downloaded from vehicle Airbag Control Modules and Powertrain Control Modules.

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Vlad Bortchevsky

Vlad Bortchevsky brings 12 years of law enforcement experience, six of which have been as a collision reconstructionist with a county police department. Vlad has responded to over 1500 motor vehicle collisions and is currently a Crash Reconstruction Team supervisor for his agency. In addition to his law enforcement career, Vlad Bortchevsky is ACTAR accredited and is the founder of Crash, LLC, a collision reconstruction consulting company.


Upon completing basic collision investigation courses, Vlad has successfully completed numerous advanced level reconstruction courses, such as: Crush Energy Analysis, Pedestrian Collision Reconstruction, Motorcycle Collision Reconstruction, Human Factors for Collision Reconstruction, Advanced Collision Reconstruction, Advanced Collision Reconstruction with Excel Applications, Advanced Collision Reconstruction with CDR Applications, CDR Technician Course, CDR Analyst Course, Excel for Collision Reconstruction, Photography for Collision Investigator, as well as attended a number of reconstruction conferences.


Vlad is a US Department Of Transportation certified commercial vehicle inspector. As a certified instructor Vlad teaches collision investigation and reconstruction courses at a regional police academy and other locations throughout United States. In 2007 Vlad began to conduct collision related research and dynamic testing. Vlad documented vehicle acceleration and deceleration testing and data collection, pedestrian speed surveys and has been involved in planning and execution of numerous crash tests. Vlad has been an operator in several vehicle vs. vehicle and vehicle vs. pedestrian crash tests.


Vlad is experienced in installation and functional design of a fully robotic vehicle control system utilized for crash testing by Crash Data Specialists.      

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