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CDR Analysis & Applications

This class is normally offered as a 5-day class building on the retrieval skills learned in our CDR Operators class. This class specifically deals with the analysis of the retrieved data in accordance with best practices and adds to the Reconstructionists skill set.

CDR Analysis & Appications

CDR Analysis and Applications - All training is conducted to the most current release available as of class date. This four day (32 hour) course will provide the Collision Reconstructionist who has completed a CDR System Operators or equivalent CDR “technician” class the necessary background to understand the function of the Event Data Recorder information present in some electronic control modules on most late model production vehicles available from, but not limited to, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors (including Holden for Australia), Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota and Volvo vehicles. Note that new coverage will continue to be added in 2013 from other car makers and the data from their systems will be added to class materials as soon as it becomes available. Airbag system deployment decision making will be discussed as it relates to the information recorded within the airbag control modules (ACM) of the CDR system supported vehicles. Each generation of modules for the supported vehicle families will be covered including line by line analysis of most parameters utilizing CDR reports from actual crashes and staged crash tests where relevant. The students will be provided copies of CDR reports used in the class for later reference. In addition to the analysis of the individual line items, the application of the data to the crash at hand will be discussed including: delta-v and closing speed analysis, principle direction of force (PDOF) calculation and applications, comparison of pre-crash parameters including vehicle speed, throttle position, engine speed and brake application, methods of comparing internally recorded information as well as information from external sources and how they handshake for comparison, using CDR data in a situational appropriate reconstruction will be covered. Several case examples will be used in assignments to be completed by the attendee's as part of the class material All notes for case examples are made "live" using a Tablet PC and all instructor notes / math are provided in PDF on USB flash drive before end of class.

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