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Crash Data Recovery Services

Have a damaged Airbag Control Module (ACM) or Powertrain Control Module (PCM)? Let our specialists recover the crash data potentially stored in these ECU's.

The Experts at Crash Data Specialists have a proven track record of retrieving crucial Event Data Recorder (EDR) information where others would have, or did give up.


We have recovered cracked, broken, burnt and damaged ACM/PCM circuit boards

Our services include all makes and models supported by the Bosch CDR Systems, including Hyundai, Kia airbag control modules



Damaged ACM/PCM:

Starting at $1500 USD

Fire Damaged ACM/PCM:

Starting at $2500 USD.

Preliminary Inspection / Guarantees

If our preliminary inspection reveals that your equipment is not repairable, the device will be returned to you. The shipping and handling duties will be charged back to you, but no costs for inspection will be charged back to you.


Data Retireval is performed by locating the chip containing the crash record. The chip is then marked and transplanted into a host ECU of the same part number. 

The entire process is documented through photographs that will accompany the report and data retireved.

To begin the process, please contact us.

Damaged Equipment.png


During the recovery process, Crash Data Specialists uses Surface Mount (SMT) re-work stations, temperature controlled soldering stations, and other ESD safe practices during recovery. We always use best-practice and manufacturer recommended techniques when recovering your data.

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